Saturday, November 4, 2017

Rain on the Lake

Rain on the Lake /10x10

The clouds hang low and gray this morning, blocking the light, casting a gloom that feels like winter.

I've had days, weeks of glorious autumn weather. I've had crisp, sparkling mornings: warm, sun-rounded days; long, golden afternoons, everything lighting up the incredible, intense autumn colors.

It's been an immersion into painting, into color, into a joyful autumn, a celebration of life and living and the beauty and intensity of nature.

This morning, that youth of autumn has aged, and an older, quieter fall has taken its place. This one knows sadness and death. This one thinks about the coming winter, hibernation, the burial of summer, the leaves turning brown and brittle and falling from the scratching branches. This morning feels like the end of something, and so I stop and paint the first scene I see - and before I am truly done, a cold rain falls and speeds me on my way south.

Scenes from the Road

Above, this sign made me laugh every time I saw it. Is it really necessary to tell people not to sit on the flowers? It made me think of a sign I saw at the Maine Welcome Center -
"Please don't pick through the trash."

Loved this whole yard. Someone had fun! 

Cool gourd! 

I bet these trees, which I saw in Vermont, are heading toward a Christmas tree lot. 

Dog of the Day

It's Hope! She had just been groomed when I met her, and she smelled sweet. What a nice girl. 

A Final Thought

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. "

    - Humbert Wolfe

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