Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Haunted? Egg Hill Church / The Last Painting

Egg Hill Church  / 10x10

The farm-tour day is a long one, at the end of a long trip, and I'm tired. But there's enough light, and enough energy, to paint this beautiful, historic, abandoned - and possibly haunted! - church, on Egg Hill, near State College, PA. 

The road that runs along the church is not paved, and there are no street lights for the one house that stands near the church. The trees are mostly bare, and the warmth that pushed into the middle of the day has thinned to a dusky chill, as the shadows lengthen and spill down the hillside. 
This church is supposedly haunted, the aftereffects of the minister poisoning his congregation during a Halloween-night service. You can read about it by clicking here.  
But the church does not feel creepy. It just feels abandoned and perhaps unloved. It is a fine building, its edges still straight, its roof unbowed. And someone has taken care of the graveyard beside it - which I did not paint. 
Somehow, it feels right that this last painting of the trip has such a story, such an atmosphere. I would never have been able to decide on a landscape, or choose a farm for the final painting. But this church sort of chose me, and I was happy to comply.


SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I've put all the paintings up on the Farms and Foliage webpage of Jacobson Arts.  When it's your turn to choose, I will be in touch, and will ship you your painting. I'll move the chosen paintings to a new place on the page, so you will always know what's available. 

If someone chooses the painting you want, please don't despair! I will paint you one like the one that got away, or you can choose another 10x10 painting that I make over the course of the year. Or, you can put your money toward another painting of any size - or another painting trip. And if you have any other ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

Some Stragglers 

Here are some photos I liked, but which never quite made it into the newsletter. Above, I just loved the light in this photograph that I took at an RV park in Connecticut. Below, a cool car I saw at a diner in Hatfield, MA.  

Above, a photo from Big Moose in Hoosick, NY, a total tourist trap - overpriced and filled with cheap (expensive) tourist junk... the stuff I love! I had fun poking around and marveling at what people will pay for something that says "VT" on it (Hoosick is at the NY/VT border). Below, an Amish farmer and his team take a rest in Pennsylvania. 

Above, the sky near New Paltz, NY, on my rainy travel day. The wind was so strong that I had to get off the highway and travel the back roads. Below, me and a moose statue in Maine. 

Dog of the Day 
This is Fluke, the beloved dog of a good friend and sponsor here on the Eastern Shore. Fluke had a tremendous career in agility before having to have surgery on both shoulders in July. She had a long recovery time, and was patient and cheery through weeks of confinement and enforced stillness. When Fluke was allowed to start walking, though, Bonnie noticed that she wasn't bouncing back. She took Fluke to the vet, and the poor girl has been diagnosed with a rare, fatal form of cancer. She's a dear, dear dog, and she and her humans could use your thoughts and prayers.

A Final Thought

Thank you, all of my sponsors, for participating in this trip. It's not only your financial support that I value. I also treasure your interest, your enthusiasm, your input, your delight in my travels and my paintings. I hope that this experience has been good for you so far, and that you're excited about choosing your painting. Again, thank you! 

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