Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Outside Augusta

Outside Augusta, 10x10

A painter friend once told me about a dream he had, about painting. He couldn't remember most of the dream, except for one thing - a voice that told him, "Use more red."

Now, every time I use red, I think of that order.

And while red is one of my favorite colors (I went through a long stretch where nearly every article of clothing or jewelry I bought was red), until this trip, I've used it very sparingly in my paintings.

The foliage I'm seeing on this trip brings red to the forefront. I'm seeing more red foliage than I remember seeing - and it is a more vivid, more brilliant, more incandescent red than I've ever seen anywhere.

Red is not an easy color to work with. It steals the show, easily upsetting the balance of a painting. And while it's fairly simple to make a darker red, by going to crimson or adding purple or blue, making a brighter red is tricky. Add white (the norm for lightening a color) and you get pink. Add yellow - or too much yellow - and you get a strange, ugly green. So I am using oranges and pinks and careful yellows to get the dimension and the shine and the sparkle of the light on those extraordinary red leaves.

Scenes from the Road

A gorgeous sunset in Augusta, Maine

Above, birches in Prospect, Maine. 
Below, either sumac or blueberry bushes, 
brilliant in the afternoon light. 

It's amusing - to me, at least - that blueberry fields turn red in the autumn. 

Afternoon sun in China, Maine. 

Dog of the Day

Raja is a rescue dogs who lives with Daycee, yesterday's Dog of the Day. Raja is as sweet as a dog can be. They both are, really. Raja helps Daycee get a little pep in her step.

A Final Thought

"I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility.
Spring shall plant and autumn garner until the end of time."

- Robert Browning

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