Sunday, October 29, 2017

Near Ossipee, NH

Near Ossipee, NH

I leave Maine and head south with mixed feelings, happiness and regret.

The trip is going great. I could not have been more blessed with color, warm days, almost no wind. My paintings are coming easily, and I'm liking them. I'm trying things, and experimenting, growing and reaching - doing all the things the painting trips allow me to do.

I've seen friends and family, new places and places I remember - and I am missing home. Missing Peter, missing our dogs, missing my little town, my friends in Virginia, my life and my routes and my routines.

It's always hard to make the turn in these trips, but when it happens, it settles my heart. I head toward home - not today, not tomorrow, but in the future, on the horizon, after autumn has begun the twist toward winter.

ps, sorry for the confusion of photo vs. title in Saturday's newsletter. I was tired, and working in a place with terrible, terrible internet. It took hours to produce that one piece, and by the end, I was just not on my game. Sorry!

Scenes from the Road

Above, my van is beginning to get crowded with wet paintings! There's always a point in the trips when I think I won't be able to manage it - and then the pieces start to dry, and can be stored more closely. Happily, the warm days brought this point to me just in time.
Above - so that's where you get it! And ps, the Freedom Peddler is also for sale...

Below, a couple fun Halloween displays.

Dog of the Day 

This youngster was struggling to learn some manners, on a beautiful afternoon in Connecticut. 

A Final Thought

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go."

- unknown

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