Monday, October 23, 2017

From the Deck

From the Deck, Minot, Maine / 10x10

In the back yard of a friend's house, quiet reigned. The dogs snoozed in the sun, and we drank coffee and painted.

The autumn sun filtered through the leaves, silhouetting some of the trees, lighting some of the others. It was - and is - the height of the season, but somehow, this scene had a late-autumn feel.

I like the hint of the stone wall in the front, and the glimpses of the sky through the yellow leaves.

Uncle Henry's

WHEN WE LIVED in Maine, I looked forward every week to picking up an Uncle Henry's. This vast compendium of ads is like a printed yard sale, the hugest, most sprawling, craziest yard sale ever.

Pretty much, if you want to buy it, you can find it in Uncle Henry's.

For instance:

Bobcat bucket, 66". No teeth. New. $300.( I found a similar one on line new for $725).

1999 Evinrude 5 hp four stroke, runs excellent. Good clean motor. $500. (Low retail online, $300; high $500).

12' wide by 14' high wooden garage door with all hardware, $500. I couldn't really find this on line, but judging from what I see, if you need that size, it's a good deal.

20-passenger school bus for $1,000; two 42-inch ceiling fans for $40; 85 acres for $75,000.

They're not all good deals! I saw a1996 VW Rialta camper for $209,000. I found one on line for $23,000, so I hope that was just a typo.

Of course, you can find Uncle Henry's online, but it's nowhere near as fun as flipping through the book, looking, underlining, contemplating. Click here to find the online version.

Dog of the Day

It's Daycee! She's an older girl, stumping along through the woods, slowed by her arthritis, but happy to be out and going for a walk. Daycee lived through a number of huge life events, including contracting a flesh-eating virus that left her with big scars on her face - but in my eyes, she is still beautiful, in fact, maybe even more beautiful because of those scars. 

A Final Thought

"I saw old Autumn in the misty morn, stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence."

- Thomas Hood 

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